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Starting the Young Horse Under Saddle
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Feeding the Senior Horse E-Book
Feeding the Senior Horse can be a bit tricky, but not impossible when you have easy-to-understand guidelines to lead you through the maze of needs and feeds. Eleanor Richards explains how to know the special needs of your old friend, and how to satisfy those needs in the most effective manner.
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Supplements For Your Horse? Yes or No? 
When does your horse need supplements and do they really help? Some do and some don't, but which are which and how do you tell? If you are feeding supplements just as "insurance," you may actually be harming your horse, or you may just be wasting money.

Learn about supplements and how to determine if your horse will benefit.
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Responsible Horse Ownership
Are you thinking about getting a horse or are you a first time horse owner?  This easy to read ebook is packed with good information about finding your first horse, horse care basics and how to ride.
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Training Performance Horses
A training book by Don Blazer is now an "e-book" and available electronically.
Step by step details from before the first saddle to the flying change of leads. You can train your horse yourself and get professional results. Every leg, body and rein cue for every basic horsemanship exercise, western or English. Advanced exercises explained with cues and footfall sequences.

140 pages, demonstration photos, basis for college courses. Contains answers to all Horse Smart Quiz questions.

Here's the book which takes a complete look at training any performance horse. Decide what you horse is going to do, then get started with step-by-step directions for preparing for the first ride, introduction to equipment, stepping up, and riding off. Learn weight shift, leg and reining cues for all basic exercises. Learn the exact footfall sequences your horse must know, and learn how to set your horse up to perform them.
It's all in this unique E-book which can be yours in a matter of minutes.
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Simple Bookkeeping System
If you are an accountant, you won't need this Simple Bookkeeping System, but if you are like most of us, you'll think it makes life as soft as a padded saddle seat. Big business or small, this system explains things in easy to understand terms, then guides you a step-by-step in making accounting entries. Fast and efficient--keeping your books won't be hard any more.
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Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship 
Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship is an insightful look at the mental aspects of training any style, breed or discipline of horse to reach his full potential. This book isnít about English or Western, itís about understanding and communicating, and recognizing there is a solution to any riding or training problem. Blazer tells the reader, with examples, how to combine the six elements of training with the nine secrets to assure success for both horse and rider.

Now you can solve any training problem, any riding problem. Learn the Nine Secrets of perfect horsemanship, and combine them with the six elements of training and you can change any behavior into positive action, eliminate any training difficulty or correct any riding fault. Unlike any other riding or training book, Nine Secrets explains how the cause of problems can be removed without force, without gimmicks and without the use of specialized, costly equipment.
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Massage While You Groom
Start massaging your horse today, while you groom. This is the fast, easy way to help your horse look his best, feel his best and perform his best. Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Sue Davis shows you exactly where and how to massage your horse.
Text plus 26 full color photos tell you what muscles to work on and how to massage them.

Twenty-six full color photos show you exactly how Davis goes about a full body massage while grooming a horse. Clear, concise text explains how to use the curry, soft brush and cloth to increase circulation, relax muscles and bring the natural hair oils to the surface for a perfect shine.

"This is the quick and easy way to keep your horse in top form whether you are just a weekend trail rider or a national competitor," says Davis. "Now you can massage your horse yourself, getting started within minutes after reading this little book."
Massage While You Groom is divided into sections representing various parts of the horseís body. Each section shows how massaging can help bring a greater blood supply to the muscles, facilitating the warm-up period and increasing the range of motion, according to Davis.

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