Have you ever wondered if you are feeding your horse correctly?   
  Are you sure you are getting the right advice from the feed store or even your veterinarian?

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Nutrition for Maximum Performance
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This course consists of 10 Lessons:

Understanding the Equine Digestive System - learn how the equine digestive system works.

The Six Nutrients - this lesson covers the six nutrients that are important to the equine body.

Forage - learn how to manage a pasture, know if hay is of good quality and learn about forage

4.  Grains and Concentrates - learn about what ingredients are used in commercial mixes and
                  how to read a feed tag.   
Supplements and Nutraceuticals - this lesson will help you decide if your horse needs a
                  supplement...and if it is safe.

Know the Numbers - learn some simple math equations so you can balance a feed ration.

Feeding the Future Performance Horse - learn how to feed for a healthy foal and acheive
                  it's genetic potential.  This lesson has useful advice for avoiding physitis (developmental
                  orthopedic disease or DOD).

Feeding the Performance Horse - this lesson puts it all together and teaches you how to
                  feed the adult performance horse.

Special Needs - learn how to feed the HYPP positive horse, how to avoid EPM, how to feed
                  the laminitis prone horse,  what may cause colic, how to soothe ulcers...and possibly avoid
                  them, what the horse with Cushing's Syndrome requires nutritionally, how to feed the horse
                  with heaves or is prone to tying-up.

Feeding the Retired Performance Horse - learn how to feed the senior horse.  She has
                    given you years of pleasure and you want to give her the best care during retirement.


Breyer State University
     Work towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Studies
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Professional Horse Trainer or Riding Instructor Certification
Earn a certificate after passing the course and then work toward becoming a certified
Professional Horse Trainer or Riding Instuctor
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                Start either program at anytime - no waiting for a semester to begin
                                One year completion deadline after enrollment
                                Work one-on-one with your instructor